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Filmmaker Fridays: David Powers

Introducing David Powers, director of Shooting The Prodigal. David began his career in radio and then shifted to television and film. During his career, he traveled and worked in different countries producing short videos for use in evangelistic missions overseas. His most recent film Shooting The Prodigal was released on Digital HD and DVD this past week. David gave his insights and his inspiration behind his film.

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Shooting the Prodigal: The Fine Line of Satire

Shooting the Prodigal is an insider’s look at the way that church works, told from the perspective of long-term pastor David Powers who wrote and directed the film. While the film itself is a satire aimed at church life, its careful blend of humor and critique will engage the audience, leaving them entertained and challenged.

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Shooting The Prodigal Writer Wants To Love Everyone

While on sabbatical from his role as Associate Pastor of Communications at First Baptist Church in Richmond, VA, David Powers had the gleam of an idea for a film. He had worked on TV programs weekly for twenty years, providing documentaries and Christmas musical specials periodically, but he had never created a full-length narrative.

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Truth In Love

Shooting The Prodigal director David Powers interviews with Lubbock, TX radio host Jacqui Neal on KKCL.

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Irreverent, Funny and ... Faith-Based? A Movie Review of "Shooting the Prodigal"

As the director himself said at the movie premiere we attended, "I wanted to make a movie that my sons would like, but one that was faith-based. So I thought about the type of movies they enjoyed. Irreverent, self-deprecating humor topped the list, which is what I set out to do."

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'Shooting The Prodigal' a film of divine, comedic proportions

When Preston Powers, his wife and children were approached to be extras in the new satirical faith-based comedy, “Shooting the Prodigal,” the St. Simons Island resident admits he wasn’t completely prepared for it.

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WFLA Interview with David Powers & Paul Wilson

Brother Bob Cross is the gregarious pastor of Eternal Hope Baptist Church in Homer, Alabama. Bob’s heart is in the right place, even though his methods might be considered overly aggressive. In his burning desire to reach young folks with the Gospel, he gets the idea to produce a movie.

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Richmond Times-Dispatch movie review: 'Shooting the Prodigal'

Imagine for a moment a Southern Baptist church, stuck with declining membership, on a quest to restore its luster by producing its own mini-movie centered on biblical themes.


I’ve been deployed over in Afghanistan since July of 2015. I’ll be there a year and this is my sixth deployment in 13 years. It’s getting to be a bit much, but I enjoy the challenge and the opportunity ...

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The Prodigal Arrives

A home-grown indie film about faith that embraces all kinds of characters gets its screening

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World premiere of 'Shooting the Prodigal' kicks off Richmond International Film Festival

The Richmond International Film Festival will kick off tonight (Thursday, March 3) at The Byrd Theatre with a goat stepping from a limo onto a red carpet.

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“Shooting The Prodigal” will debut at this year’s Richmond International Film Festival

David Powers, Director of “Shooting The Prodigal,” shared his excitement about the film’s debut at this year’s Richmond International Film Festival.

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Emporia native Edward Daniels in fifth feature film

You may have never heard of an Emporia native who is starring soon in his fifth film. He was on the path to a medical career but acting called his name. and he just had to answer.

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Hendersonville native's film has world premiere March 3

Hendersonville native, Heather Waters produced the film "Shooting The Prodigal," which will bow in its world premiere March 3, 2016, as the red carpet opening night feature ...

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Faces of 2015: David Powers, founder of Belltower Pictures

WHY YOU KNOW HIM: David E. Powers, retired associate pastor from First Baptist Church of Richmond, is the founder of Belltower Pictures, a faith-based production company that aims to make films that carry a message ...

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FROM STAGE TO BIG SCREEN: Theater major Christie Osterhus starred in a satirical Christian film over summer.

One of the most important lessons students can learn in college is that if they want to achieve their goals, they must be the ones who ...


With so many new movies being produced every day, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Today I interview David Powers about his new movie ...

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Richmond Times-Dispatch: Bill Lohmann - "A film with a message - and a goat"

The actors took their places in the fellowship hall at the First Baptist Church of Ashland, the set grew quiet and the cameras ...

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Town becomes movie set for faith-based film

Rather than Ashland just being “the Center of the Universe,” it is also the center of a new movie. Last week, the town became the set for a new faith-based comedy film ...

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Lights, Camera, Action

Chester was the location for movie making last week. For two days, location shooting took place at the home of Debbie and Joseph Boykin as it served as Aunt Judith’s large country home for the movie “Shooting the Prodigal.”

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‘Shooting the Prodigal’ film finds a home in the River City

Producer Heather Waters and Writer/Director David Powers visited the studio to talk about their upcoming film, “Shooting the Prodigal.” The faith-based, quirky comedy follows the latest trend in the film industry ...

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RVANEWS.COM review: New Virginia film shoots down faith-based stereotypes

When you’re a filmmaker and a religious leader, you have the opportunity to…write a film that kind of pokes fun at a religious leader who thinks he can ...

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New Richmond production company bringing 'Prodigal Son' to film -- with a smile

A new, faith-based Richmond production company announced plans Thursday for its first film: a comedy about the parable of the prodigal son.

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